“Rent a Laptop”  is a unique offer from CTech IT Solution which aims to empower and help both individuals and corporate organisations to manage their short-term and also long term requirements of computing power & technology in a cost-effective manner.

  • Companies are churning their products frequently by updating it with latest the technical specs. Do not buy frequently “RENT A LAPTOP”.
  • Different types of laptops are required for different nature of works –
    • Browsing or Email – it will probably need only a minimal configuration with low features.
    • Data Analytics| Mining | Processing – it  will require high computing power ranging from Core i5 to Core i7 processors.
    • Graphic Designing or Editing – it will demand a lot more GUI & High -screen resolution along with specialized software.
    • Gaming – Every gamer’s dream is to have a lag free gaming experience which requires both ALU & GUI.
  • Meet your short-term requirements easily without the financial burden. For example
    • Requirement for a short-term project management.
    • Start-ups often have limited budgets but high requirements for short or long term business needs.
    • An short-stay without a laptop can be counter-productive and hence “RENT A LAPTOP”.
  • Laptop maintenance  can be a nuisance do not worry “RENT A LAPTOP”.


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