Why are Laptops Becoming Popular in the Present Scenario?

Why are Laptops Becoming Popular in the Present Scenario?

Laptops are becoming popular in the present time. People nowadays prefer to buy a laptop compared to a desktop. The reason being, laptops and desktops are now merely the same price with minimal difference in configurations.  Nowadays laptops can also withstand every type of rough handling and long hour usage.Laptops are more flexible, mobile, and almost as powerful as desktops, laptops outsell desktops in the market.The Covid19 situation has changed our life in a greater way making us more flexible and internet dependent. Let us discuss why laptops are becoming so popular in the present time.

Office Work

The Covid19 lockdown has initiated a phase of work-from-home. Most of the employers have become familiar with the scenario. Though the employers were in dilemma about how efficient an employee can bein his/her work-from-home session. But the lockdown phase forced them to do so and the results are overwhelming. So, in the coming time employers would think about remote working that would reduce office maintenance cost. In this scenario laptops will play an essential role. People could carry them to their offices and bring them back home for their work-from-home session. Even this will facilitate odd-hour work for any type of urgency. Nowadays laptops can withstand long hours of work without any problem. One can even choose from a range of refurbished laptops which are now available with warranty. These types of laptops are proven and come with a higher configuration at an affordable price. CTech IT Solution offers refurbished laptops in Kolkata and surrounding areas.

Education Purpose

The education system was badly affected by the lockdown. Even in the post-lockdown phase, neither the school nor the parents are willing to send their ward to school. Many institutions started school-from-home practice which is a major hit. The main challenge here is to continue school from a smartphone is too tough. This is where a laptop plays an important role. With an inbuilt front camera, it is very easy to join classes from a laptop. The wide screen allows better viewing and understanding of the classes as compared to a smartphone. Even most of the teachers are now using laptops to get a wider view of the virtual class. Laptop also serves the purpose of school computer education and even facilitates practices at home.

Home Entertainment

During the lockdown, people were completely confined in their homes. The only way of entertainment was TV and the internet. People have become more dependent on the internet in the present time. Laptop plays an important role in entertaining us. We can watch movies, educational videos, motivational videos and even the latest introduction in human entertainment – web series. With a wider screen laptop one can create a great ambience.


Laptops are an important medium of online communication that provides audio-visual communication with everyone. Nowadays, families are becoming nuclear and are setting wider apart. Communication platforms like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook etc provide video calling service which plays an essential role in bridging the gap. With a built-in mic and webcam, it is very easy to join each call with a single click.

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